Live Casino – Rules & Games

Play with real dealers for great entertainment

Playing in an online casino is exciting and fascinating. When the reels spin on the slot machine or the chips are paid out at the roulette table, the heart beats faster. But as much as the providers try to create a great atmosphere, something is missing. Live casinos were developed to be very close to a real casino.

What is a live casino bonus?

Most of the promotions are aimed at online casinos. A live casino is almost always part of this, but most operators differentiate here. A live casino bonus can only be used in this area. Viewed the other way around, a new customer bonus for the online casino can also apply to the live casino.

Whereby you have to pay close attention to the rules. In principle, you will not be deprived of the bonus money for the live casino. Often your bets made there are just not recognized for the minimum turnover.

How does playing in the live casino work?

You either select your live casino game in the browser or you first get to a lobby. Your decision will be made there at the latest. For example, you want to play live roulette or live blackjack.

You place your bets in one of the following two ways:

You sit right at the table and see your bets in front of you. Only you make all the decisions about where and how it should go. Say how much you want to bet on an opportunity.
If the table is already full, some live casino software offers the so-called „bet behind“. In blackjack, for example, this works in such a way that you choose one of the seated players. He decides whether another card should be drawn, doubled or stopped. The advantage for you is that the minimum stake in „bet behind“ is often significantly lower. The downside is obvious because you are giving up control.

What games does a live casino offer?

You will find roulette and blackjack tables in every live casino. Almost all providers also provide at least one baccarat table. From this the casinos form their basic offer.

In addition, the offer can be expanded to include Casino War, Casino Holdem and other table games. Recently, more and more gaming shows have found their way into live casinos. You can bet on the result on a wheel of fortune or place your bets on “Deal or No Deal Live”.

Another trend is to integrate popular slot machines into live casinos. We may soon be visiting the virtual casinos with VR glasses. We have great entertainment ahead of us.